About Us

There are many writing competitions out there. Some big. Some small. Some long. Some short. But there is only one Blank Page Challenge!

Founded by members of the online writing community from across the world, the key is in the name with us. We’re not a competition (although we run them), we’re not a prize (although we give them) and we’re not an award.

We’re a challenge.

A challenge to new writers and to people who have yet to write at all, to dive in and give it a go. To try. To spread your wings a little.

A challenge to existing writers to try something new. To experiment. See what you can do in a different genre. Or style.

But for all those taking part, we challenge you, most of all, to enjoy the experience. To make new friends. Meet people in the writing world. To try.

At the center of this, for us, is an amazing community of diverse and exciting people.  We want you to see that to and engage with it. So, get involved, head over and find out about our next Short Story Challenge