Challenge 3: May 2018

**Challenge 3 has ended and the winner has been chosen. Check out the winning short story here.**

Welcome to the third Blank Page Short Story Challenge of 2018, this competition will follow the standard rules of the Blank Page Challenge and you will need to submit your piece using the normal submission format.


  • You may only submit one piece
  • The piece may not be longer than 2,000 words in total
  • Your short story must take inspiration from one or both of the prompts below
  • The piece can be from any genre
  • Your story must be submitted in English
  • You must submit your piece to us before the deadline
  • You may not enter if you have previously won a previous round
  • Only 30 submissions will be accepted


The competition runs from the 8th of May with a deadline for all submission to be emailed to us by 11:59 PM EST on the 18th of June. Any pieces received after this deadline will, regretfully, be disqualified.

The Panel will then vote on all submissions to find the top three entries from the 5th of June until the 25th of June, 2018, this will become our shortlist.

Finally, the free public vote to find the winner of the competition will take place from 25th of June, closing for voting at 11:59pm EST on 4th of July 2018.

The winner will be announced on this website, Twitter and Facebook on Friday, 4th of May.

Submissions: 8th May -> 18th June
Panel vote: 18th June -> 25th June
Public vote: 25th June -> 4th of July
Winner announced: 5th of July 2018


We’re very thankful for the support we’ve received from our sponsors in the form of prizes for the top three short stories in this round. The prizes for this round are as follows:

1st Place:

  • Inclusion of your short story in The Blank Page Challenge Short Story Anthology e-book. Which is to be published towards the end of the year. More details to follow on this!
  • 7 day promo package from Thrice Read Books.
  • Prize package from Out of Print Clothing.
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card.
  • $100 off coupon on a purchase of $100 or more from Alibris.
  • 50% off 5,000 word edit from HJ’s editing services.

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

  • $5 Amazon gift card

Find more information about the prize sponsors here.



This month we will be changing things up a bit with the prompt. Due to this, we will be limiting submissions to 30 short stories. The prompt will be 3 random words. Your job will be to use those 3 words creatively in your story. If the 3 words are not present in your story, the story will be disqualified.