Diary 2018

There are six Short Story Challenges planned for 2018, culminating in the release of the anthology e-book around Christmas of 2018. Each will have a unique prompt to get you started, so if you don’t feel inspired by one, you can try the next challenge.

For those who like to plan ahead, here are the dates for each round this year.

Challenge 1:

Submissions: 1st February -> 28th February
Panel vote: 1st March -> 9th March
Public vote: 9th March -> 15th March
Winner announced: 16th March 2018

Challenge page – Winner: Jill Patrick – Paid In Full

Challenge 2:

Submissions: 19th March -> 16th April
Panel vote: 17th April -> 23rd April
Public vote: 23rd April -> 3rd May
Winner announced: 4th May 2018

Challenge page – Winner: Emma June – Third Time Lucky

Challenge 3:

Submissions: 7th May -> 17th June
Panel vote: 19th June -> 25th June
Public vote: 25th June -> 3rd July
Winner announced: 6th July 2018

Challenge page – Winner: Ethan Lee – The Specialist

Challenge 4:

Submissions: 7th July -> 4th August
Panel vote: 5th August -> 12th August
Public vote: 12th August -> 22nd August
Winner announced: 23rd August 2018

Challenge page – Winner: Ashley Reisinger – Unconditional

Challenge 5:

Submissions: 7th September -> 19th October
Panel vote: 20th October -> 26th October
Public vote: 27th October -> 5th November
Winner announced: 6th November 2018

Challenge page – Winner: Michael Roberts – The Haunted House

Challenge 6:

Submissions: 6th of November -> 4th of December
Panel vote: 5th of December -> 11th of December
Public vote: 12th of December -> 18th of December 
Winner announced: 19th of December 2018

Challenge page – Winner