Secret Vote March 18

The first rule of The Blank Page Challenge is… tell everyone about the challenge. Apart from this page, this page is secret.

The March Short Story Challenge will, for the first time, feature a written an image prompt. Entrants will have to use at least one, if not both in their work.

So, this month, we’re trying something new. Below are four images and four written prompts. Please select your favourite from each type and the winner will be used in the new challenge, starting on Monday 19th.

Image Prompt:

  1. Phoenix:

2. Flower

3. Car

4. House

Written Prompts:

1. Bunny
A figure dressed in an old, dirty Easter Bunny suit haunts the children of a town.

2. Life
In one fleeting moment the line between life and death becomes blurred, never to be as it was.

3. Garage
You are spring cleaning and find an old wooden box in the garage.

4. Door
You open your front door, step out and trip over a box on your doorstep. It bounces away as you stumble, the lid opens and…