The Short Story Challenge

Our Short Story Challenge is aimed at all writers; established or new, young or old. If you have the passion to write, we’d love you to enter. The idea is for you to have fun and stretch yourself. Try something new. Meet other writers and just enjoy the process.

This isn’t a grand literary award. This is an adventure that we’re all on together!

There will be six Short Story Challenges in 2018, with all six winning pieces being put into an anthology with short stories from the judging panel. This anthology will be published as an e-book in late 2018. All winners will receive some of the revenue from sale of the e-book once it is released.

Sounds good, right? Well, read on for more information…

What is the Challenge?

Each Short Story Challenge will start with a prompt; this might be an image, text or idea. You’ll then have four weeks to write a short story of up to 2,000 words which is clearly inspired by the prompt.

Take note though, we want a story. That’s right, you only get to send us one piece. Plus that piece is up to 2,000 words. If you short story turns out to be perfect at 400 words? Well done you. If it’s 1,999 words, equally amazing. You don’t have to aim for the exact number.

Once the four weeks is up, the judging panel will read all of the submissions over a week and vote on their top three entries.

These top three entries will then be featured on this website before being opened up to a week-long public vote on this site. At the end of that week, we’ll have our winner!

How will the Judges pick the top three?

They will read each piece and grade them on a number of criteria, giving each piece a score out of ten for these criteria. The three pieces with the highest scores will then go on to the public vote.

The judging will also be anonymous, so we won’t know who wrote the pieces we’re reading to eliminate voting for friends.

I’ve never written a short story/ anything before, can I enter?

Yes! At some point every single writer wrote their first piece. The Blank Page Challenge is all about helping people make the jump into writing and giving it a go.

We will be supporting our writers both via this website, on Twitter and Facebook. There will be weekly events on social media where you can ask questions, get help, advice and support. So, dive in! Try it! We all start somewhere and what better way than among friends?

How do I submit a short story to the competition?

Well, first, congratulations for completing your piece! Go you!

If you plan to submit a piece for consideration, we would first recommend that you read and follow the submission guidelines and competition rules, as failing to follow them could result in your work being disqualified. So, PLEASE check and double-check before sending it in. If you have any questions on these, please contact us.

When you’re happy that you’ve followed the guidelines, then drop your short story to us as an attachment to with the email subject of “Entry”. Simple as that.