The Panel

The Judging Panel for The Blank Page Challenge are a varied bunch. Their genres and styles varying wildly, with each bringing their own unique perspective to the Panel.

Avrin Kelly

Genres: horror, sci-fi, speculative fiction and magical realism

I’m an artist and author by night; and a not-so-great secretary by day. I make music, I write stories, I cuddle my dog so much she’s missing hair.

(Okay, that part’s not totally true.)

I love to write. Mostly horror, but I dabble in Sci-Fi, magical realism and speculative fiction too. I struggle with story structure sometimes. Ahh, what else?

I write about Warlocks and Witches and different dimensions. I like weird stuff. My favorite YouTube Channel is Strange Mysteries. (Wink). I’m a huge fan of NoSleep and Darcy Coates. Who else? J.P. Sloan, Laura Thalassa, J.D. Horn, B.V. Larson, April White, Anne Rice, Morgan Sylvia, Ruby Dixon ( I love those blue aliens.) and last but not least, Sean Stone.

I’d love it if you read my work. If you do, lemme know what you thought of it. But be warned, most of my stories are super weird and creepy. Happy reading everyone!

(I’ll see you in your nightmares)…

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Hollie Hausenfluck

Genres: Suspense/Thriller


  • Deja Vu (WIP)
  • Home (WIP)
  • Coup De Grace


I am a writer, foodie and mother to three beautiful fur babies. Most of my writing is suspense or thriller, but I have also been dabbling in urban fantasy and magic realism. I have a new novella that will be published sometime in April (link coming soon).

I also love to spend time with my family or read a good book in my free time. Me and my husband live in the middle of nowhere, Florida with our two dogs and cat.

I host a tweet chat, #WIPchat, on Sundays at 9PM EST and also host #52weeks52stories with Avrin Kelly.

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R.Q. Woodward

Genres: Fantasy, Sci-fi

  • The Broken Fairytale (querying)
  • The Sword of the Witch (WIP)




I am a writer, lyricist, and bookworm. I have drafted more than eight full-length manuscripts, some that were simply ‘practice,’ others that I hope to publish one day. I write lyrics for a local musician, our latest song can be heard here. I am also a founding member and moderator of Writerly Book Club, which reads fiction and writing-advice non-fiction monthly so writers can read and discuss books together as a community. I am an avid reader and am thrilled to be included on The Blank Page Challenge judging panel.

Jordyn Jacobs

Genres: Romance, Thriller, Suspense

  • Shadowplay (Querying)
  • Shifting Shadows (Querying)
  • Where Shadows Lie (Querying)
 Jordyn Jacobs writes romantic thrillers about Israeli spies and is the third place winner of the 2017 Romance Writer’s of America’s Daphne Award. When she is not writing, she is working on her editing business (Tactical Edits) and learning cover design with her husband. Her real life entails chasing a vibrant 6 year old and shoving cats off her laptop.

Simon Thurtle

Genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy

  • Relative Horizon (WIP)
  • Walls of Tartarus (WIP)



I am a writer, blogger, copywriter and web designer. Having spent many years running my own businesses, I decided to follow my dream to be a writer in 2017. Since then, I’ve been in awe of the online writing community, the support and kindness I have found there. Wanting to give something back, I founded The Blank Page Challenge with some writing friends. I am the chair for the panel. When not writing I am a gamer, reader, love a good movie and have two dogs which keep me pretty busy!

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Natalie Summers

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA, Magical Realism

  • Secreted Away (WIP)
  • Drunk and Disorderly (WIP)
I am all over the place.  I am a writer with an English degree and currently working towards an Education degree.  I was first published when I was 15 with a poem called Normal.  After college, I worked for a small town newspaper before I wrote my first novel.  Since working on my first book, I worked as an editor for a small national magazine.  Now all my time is in my novels.
I spend the majority of my reading time with a beta.  It’s rare that I don’t have a beta for someone in my possession.  I love helping other writers when I have the time.  When I’m not in a beta, I’m diving into a YA novel.
At home, I’m spending time with my family and my assortment of pets.  I have dogs, to tarantulas, to hedgehogs.  With my family, we spend our time at a local pond or at home playing outside.
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AJ Cupples

Genre: Horror

  • Mr. Cole (Beta—Querying)
  • Make One’s Bones (Short – WIP)

I’m a writer from the sunny north east of England. I love to come up with concepts that are original and frightening to the reader. I also like to add dark, gritty twists to bring out the realism in my stories. I have been writing for just over a year, and would love to turn my new passion into my livelihood—fingers crossed!

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Support Team:

Behind the scenes of the Challenge, there are many jobs to be done. Social media, distributing the stories to the panel and a million things besides, it take a lot to run The Blank Page Challenge. Leading the support team at the moment is Aliyah Brody, a prolific writer as well as a social media guru.

Aliyah Brody

Genres: Mystery, Nonfiction

  • The Grave Monologues (WIP)
  • Sandman (WIP)
  • #allthegoodthings – A Daily Devotional (WIP)



I am a fledgling writer, copy editor, SMM (social media maven) & blogger-on-sabbatical. With years of experience in high finance & education management, I am now focusing my energies on creative pursuits with the aim of bringing joy & inspiration to others.

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